Laser XT/3 Bios

Last Updated or created 2023-07-31

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I really like GlaBios for my 8088, so today I got my Laser XT/3 8086 machine from the attic.

Mmm TWO ROM’s thats interesting

Looking futher in the schematics I found this. Apparantly there is a 8K ROM configured in a D0-D7 + D8-D15 setup. (16 bits)

Found a technical manual, this is a excerpt.

In Turbo XT, there are two 28-pin sockets for ROM, one of them is
occupied by a 2764 which stored the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).
The other empty socket is used to house a 32K ROM, such as the BASIC

And about the XT/3 version which I have.

In Turbo XT /2 and Turbo XT /3, there are two 28-pin sockets for ROM,
both of them are occupied by 2764 which stored the BIOS. The contents
of the two 2764 are identical. One of them contribute the ODD Byte to the system and the other EVEN Byte. Together they support 16 Bit BIOS

This could be an interesting chat with Greg ..

Meanwhile i’m going to look how to split a rom into odd/even.
Maybe i have to write a little python program for this.

Well, thats enough for today.

Lets fix my Cat S60 Flir phone, so i can track the hedgehog in our garden. (Battery replacement and powerbutton fix)

I fixed several phones before, (broken screen. touch not working). But I hate how some manufacturers build them.

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