Last Updated or created 2023-08-05

Perviously i’ve posted about PCem

But I wanted to have a emulator which could load extension biosses also.
This for my own tinkering.

I was told to look at MartyPC and PCE/ibmpc

I donĀ“t like it being written in Rust, but it does the job.

Running the Basic Extension Rom
Running one of my own roms. I knew it didn’t work, now i can use the buildin debug to see why!
Another of my test roms, which is working!

ROM config part i’ve got in martypc.toml

rom_override = [
    { path = "./roms/BIOS_5160_09MAY86_U19_62X0819_68X4370_27256_F000.BIN", address = 0xF0000, offset=0, org="Normal" },
    { path = "./roms/BIOS_5160_09MAY86_U18_59X7268_62X0890_27256_F800.BIN", address = 0xF8000, offset=0, org="Normal" },
    { path = "./roms/myromextension.bin", address = 0xF6000, offset=0, org="Normal" }

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