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Last Updated or created 2023-10-05

Note: I love everything streamable from my own servers.
So if its music or movies i tried the lot.
(Another post about movie streaming using Jellyfin,Phpmytube and more)

I’ve got music in mp3, flac and ogg and I have been using below players for a long time

If you have any other suggestion mentioned below, let me know!

MPD – A linux terminal mp3 player (using ncmpc)
XMMS/XMMS2 – Linux gui music player ( The winamp for linux)

Then i moved to

VLC – Sporadic music file playing
Clementine – Linux gui player

For a while Audacious, Rhythmbox and Amarok

And later spotify (Btw you CAN use spotify with local files)

Clementine was not updated very much, so I went with Strawberry Music Player (which is a maintained clone of Clementine)

Tagging mp3s I did using Kid3, Picard and Mp3tag (with wine)
Now with Strawberry

Strawberry in which i play and edit tags.



For a while I used some webbased mp3 players.
I like it when I can stream my music from another location.
But none were to my liking.
It really has to have a Android client, and a secure connection.

  • Ampache
  • Funkwhale
  • Emby
  • Subsonic ( android client is $$ and broken)
  • Volumio
  • Koel
  • Jellyfin

In the old days i used even a simple php streamers

  • Turnstyle andromeda
  • A own written mp3 streamer
  • kplaylist

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