Busy day: PHP, Python, RP2040 and Frequency detection.

Last Updated or created 2023-10-05

While watching a online python course, I was writing the code for a music guessing game (Highland Bagpipe Tunes)
The core is working, now it’s a matter of filling this “pruts” with tunes.

Switching between python, php, bash and C is a nightmare 🙂

A screenshot of work in progress

Then the postman came .. with goodies.
I needed the MAX9814 analog microphone with amplifier, all of my other sensors were not up to the task.

So I switched to this WIP with the MAX9814.
I want to make a little gadget using an Arduino and 9 leds, which uses FFT to blink which note I am playing on my Highland Pipes.

So detecting is working, now I have to attach a bunch of leds.

First test using Arduino Cloud (I still prefer PlatformIO) But this is better than the old IDE. (Note, you have to install an agent to connect your browser to a board)

Next thing I did today:
Getting my waveshare RP-2040 Zero working with micropython.

Great the little NeoPixel Led on the board.

Steps to get this working:

  • Install Thonny
  • Connect the rp2040 via USB with the boot button pressed
  • place RPI_pico.xxxx.uf2 on the mounted usb disk, it will reboot
  • Run Thonny connect and run a test program

Want to run program @boot ?
save -> to device, and call main.py

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