Micropython Pico W Internal Led Test

Last Updated or created 2023-10-26

  • Download firmware from here (uf2 file)
    (Make sure you use W version if you have a pico-w)
  • Press bootsel and plug your pico into an usb port.
  • A folder should be accessible
  • cp RPI_PICO_W-20231005-v1.21.0.uf2 /media/$USER/RPI-RP2/
    (pico reboots and installs firmware)

Install and start Thonny.

Tools > Options > Interpreter

Python test code (1 second blink)
Note: for the normal pico without Wi-Fi, it is GP25 instead of LED.

from machine import Pin
import utime

led_onboard = Pin('LED', Pin.OUT)
while True:

Run at boottime?

File > save as:
Select device and name the python script main.py

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