Raspberry Pi History Case

Last Updated or created 2023-11-09

I started a little case for a collection of Raspberry devices.

Over the years, many Raspberries were designed and made.
It all started in 2012
I want to have a case with all RP’s i’ve used.

There are many iterations of the RPi, I’m missing a lot now. If you want to help me, send me old/broken raspberries to get the collection complete!

This is the case at the moment

Case with some Raspberries and Arduino’s I found lying around, I’m not going to dismantle projects. Only the RPi 1A, 4B, Zero, Zero W, Pico and RPi 400 are displayed.
Plastic sheet as protective layer still on there, should be clear as glass.

The case isn’t glued together yet. I’m not sure how and what to include.

  • Horizontal wooden bars to place the devices on?
  • Include a history of Arduino’s for now?
  • Put little notes in the case with information? Like my SDK-85 case?
  • ?

Get information about your RPi version

curl -L https://perturb.org/rpi?rev=$(awk '/^Revision/ { print $3 }' /proc/cpuinfo)

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