A “new” sound chip for 6502

Last Updated or created 2024-02-25

UPDATE: 20240225

I’ve written about General Instrument AY-3-8910 before, here is some work I did today.

This sound chip i wanted to implement in my amiga, and now it’s a alternative for my 6502 computer. ( As an alternative setup for the SID chip. )
Btw this is the same kind of chip used in the Atari ST.

A clean setup … I’ve got the sound chip and a Amplifier chip.

Above a Kicad drawing I made today, a little different from my design from the 90’s.

Below a movie clip I recorded today. Running a test setup using an Arduino nano and a sdcard reader.
The sound is bad, this is due to clipping and the absence of multiple resistors and capacitors.
Music is a register dump from a YM music file.
Amplifier is a bare LM386.

UPDATE: 20240225

I don’t like tying those three outputs together, and amplifying those.

So I’m going to use a LM324 i’ve got left from my 8085 interface, and make a 3-channel amplifier.

Something like this

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