Pico with SPI troubles, but a Rigol helps a lot.

Last Updated or created 2024-02-21

I was working on a MCUME proof of concept, with my own compiled version.
But my combination of a Pico and an ILI9341 display didn’t work.

Luckily, a package arrived.
My new scope!

A Rigol DS1074Z+ oscilloscope!
The replacement of my CRT version.

This new oscilloscope has 4 channels AND there is a add-on for a 16channel logic analyser.

For my next birthday?!? 🙂

The Rigol can be connected to a wired network.
So that’s one of the first things I did.
(It came with all software options enabled, so no need to ‘fix’ those)

Using the ISCP protocol, you can remotely control the device.
( see my Onkyo web hack https://www.henriaanstoot.nl/2009/10/23/onkyo-web-control-hack/ )

See https://www.batronix.com/pdf/Rigol/ProgrammingGuide/DS1000DE_ProgrammingGuide_EN.pdf for commands.

So I created a capture script using bash

# ./capture-rigol.sh fft
echo ':display:data?' | netcat -w 20 my-rigol-static-ip 5555 | tail -c +12 > $1.bmp

Below a screen of DSremote

But back to the problem:

My SPI setup didn’t work, display broken?

Lets try a micropython setup.

Nope, the display is fine, my compiled version is borked.

See protocol decode in above gallery, so I have to check my sources:(

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