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Last Updated or created 2024-02-22

Some quotes I like to refer to:

One of my websites was slow after the whole neighbourhood was without power for a few hours.
My lab using dual power, and a UPS went down for a few hours.

After that incident, one of my websites was slow, and it got worse with time.
But I never took the time to really look into this problem.
Until it was too much .. 8 seconds to TTFB

I’ve checked in the last month:

  • Hypervisors
  • Memory
  • CPU load
  • Docker instances
  • Reverse proxy
  • Bind DNS server
  • Iscsi storage
  • 10Gbps fibre connections
  • Database server
  • iotop latency

So, I was planning to rebuild my WordPress setup.
Meanwhile, let’s check some sites for information.

Then I came across WPCast on YouTube.
( How To Fix A Slow WordPress Site – WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial )
Let’s watch this, while rebuilding my website.
All suggestions were in vain.

Until Query Monitor was mentioned.

I soon discovered that the resolving within my docker container was messed up!

2 http api call’s taking a long time.

Rebuild the docker container with my DNS nameserver and a second as fail back.


What did I learn, check all components!
Start close to the problem source.

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