In the middle of recording Mhairi Bhan Og

Last Updated or created 2024-03-29

Also known as Mary Young and Fair – this Gaelic air was published in Capt Simon Fraser’s “Knockie” Collection of 1816.

I made an arrangement using Musescore, Ardour and Bagpipe Music Writer.

Hardware used: Tascam 2488, Behringer B-1 studio microphone, Yamaha QY-100 sequencer, ESI MidiMate eX USB 2.0 MIDI-interface and Shepherd Smallpipes.

Ardour remixing, using QY-100 via midi and Sound Fonts

(I tried Qtractor and some other tools but liked Ardour more)

Recording online soon, I have to re-record the harmony part.
Maybe I’m going to add a Flute part also.


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