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Coline’s Persuasion

A trip to Scotland with our band. I wanted to remember the whole night drinking, staying outside on deck .. and getting lost.

So i composed a little tune we could play with the band.

The arches need to be played with slides .. like slipping of the deck. Same in bars 1,3,5 and 7 and second part

Coline persuaded several people to stay up all night. We drank a lot, and in the morning we tried to get down to our cabin’s.
But having to much to drink, apparently we took a wrong turn. We where in the living quarters of the cabin crew! A wrong elevator later .. the kitchen .. how did this happen. Friendly members of the crew showed us the way out.

Composed a Piobaireachd

The word ‘piobaireachd’ literally means pipe playing or pipe music, but is now used to describe the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe. Another name for it is ‘ceòl mór’ meaning the’big music’, which separates piobaireachd from all other forms of pipe music (marches, reels, jigs etc. ) which are referred to as ‘ceòl beag’ – the little music.

To describe a piobaireachd is not easy. It consists of a theme or ‘ground’ with variations (which vary in number and complexity) that follow the theme. The theme is often very slow, and the general effect of the whole piece of music is slow – slowness being a characteristic of Highland music, though not, obviously, the dance music.