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Stabilise and speedup movie – Death road Bolivia

This year we spend our vacation in Peru and Bolivia with Arja. (20160606-20160704)

We did the Death road in Bolvia, wellll Arja and me. Coline fell ill the day before.

I tried to get a sense of what it was using a action cam mounted on my helmet and speeding it up in afterprocessing.
Shamefully i have to admit, that most of the times my camera was recording my frontwheel ..

To post: script/program to create this effect

This movie has been stabilized and sped up.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yungas_Road for more information.

Starting at 4700 meters and on the good parts going down @70km/h. Then the dangerous parts started. Feeling like ‘offroad’ narrow corners, where you can expect to see a minivan coming around the corner anytime. Steep drops without barriers. Water and land slides.

(Whole story in dutch)

Us at a bend in the ‘road’