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Mikrotik and Zerotier

Today i’ve upgraded one of my Mikrotiks to 7.8.

And installed the zerotier extra package!
I’m not going to explain what zerotier is .. read it here:

I already did some tests using my phone and a linux server.

  1. Upgrade to the latest stable version (at this time : 7.8)
  2. Install from the extra packages zerotier-7.8.arm.npk
    upload to the files folder and reboot your MT

Add zerotier network

Allow connection in the Zerotier Gui

Mikrotik changes from ACCESS_DENIED to OK

Ping test from MT to my Phone !

Maybe we could setup a adhoc zerotier network with some of my friends to do some remote assisting when needed!

New Anonymizing proxy

I’ve made new anonymizing proxy in my Lab.

Created a virtual machine with Ghostpath VPN.
I can re-direct other machines in my network to use this gateway.

Next to do: Filter HTTP headers/cookies and implement proxychains.

My webscrapers, Transmission and Sabnzb are configured to use this VPN gateway.
I stopped using docker instances for this, to much hassle to keep these images working.