Started using Spotify in 2013, what have I used before?

Last Updated or created 2023-07-20

We all love streaming our music, I didn’t at start.

First some history.

My parents had a record player, but they were not that into music.
(Toon Hermans, Fons Janssen, Cliff Richard, and because of my little brother pan music from Costa Rica, but almost never have these been played)
Pre-1984 I got some LPs: Michael Jackson Thriller, Normaal and some Classical LP I found on a fleamarket. (I didnĀ“t know what I liked apparently)
Well maybe I did, whatever the music was, it had to have something technical good.
Then i started playing Bagpipes.
Around 1984 I got some cassette tapes from the PipeMajor who taught me the pipes.

  • Silly Wizard
  • Battlefield Band
  • Tannahill Weavers
  • And several PipeBand cassettes

And I got a cool Japanese music tape from my Martial Arts teacher.

Oh my … the stuff I’ve got on my fileserver

I’ve played the heck out of these tapes in my room.
I seldom listed to the Radio

I had something like this, the speakers on the side could be dissattached and connected with a longer cable) I think it was a dual tape.

1992 – Started buying CD’s
1996 – Studied data compression/codecs etc. became interested in mp3 (See other page)
1997 – Converted all my CDs to MP3

All LP’s and Cassettes have been converted over the years.

After a few years I wanted to have non-lossy files.
Made ogg and Flac files.

2009 – Bought a Logitech Media Duet (still have it in 2023)

This allowed me to stream my MP3’s from my fileserver. I’ve bought many other logitech squeezebox devices.

A hack i made in 2009

Many web streamers and managers have i tested in the years:
Ampache, Jellyfin, Funkwhale, Mpd, kplaylist and more
Made a MP3 server for work (Badly Designed Sound Machine) (see other page)
A webgui for our shoutcast server (Icecrew)

2013 – Started using Spotify, but not a lot of Folk/Pipes, luckily that changed.
But I still like to own the music.
Made a (now defunct) spotify ripper a while ago.
There is still a lot of music not available on spotify, but you can add local files to your Spotify interface.

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