Stupid bagpipe tricks

Last Updated or created 2023-08-17

Playing two chanters at the same time.

Made a bagpipe octopus

I think it was Burns Night 2005. We took one pipebag, took the drones out. And added one blowpipe and three chanters.
We were struggling to play the damn beast with 4 people.

A picture should exist somewhere, add it when found.

Smallpipe adaptor for two chanters.

Xmas tree lights in the drones

I’ve seen some do this, but never with xmas balls also.

Playing the THX sound

Alternative playing

Above in the movie with two chanter you can see tape.
You can tape other notes, for accidentals.

I’ve started a set with our folkband with my hands reversed.
(Left on the bottom part of the chanter, right hand toppart)
After playing amazing grace, I switched hands every few bars.

Playing high A gracenote with tophand index finger.

Play a tune and slide bottomhand over your top hand down.

Tape or block the bottom sound holes.

A old old movie (2005?), when we lift our knees we close the bottom sound hole on the side of the chanter.

Playing with the holes on the inside

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