Action LSC Alarm/Siren

Last Updated or created 2022-12-08

Update 20221208 – removed internals

I’ve modded several LSC devices, most of them i could flash with esp-easy or tasmota.
Why mod it? Because it uses the cloud .. i’d like to keep control myself.
Just connect/solder a USB to TTL Converter UART Module like below.
(See other posts)

But this alarm was different, i ended up removing the chip and replace it with a ESP12.

Warning .. loud! .. Yes almost xmas
A WR3 is almost like a ESP-12

So now i had to figure out which GPIO pins and how to control them.

# Flashed ESP Easy on this one
# When i did this, 2019, you needed version 2.1-beta1 
# GPIO 4 controls LED
sleep 10
sleep 1
sleep 1
sleep 2
sleep 5
# Sending rtttl ringtone
curl ",5:d=4,o=5,b=112:8a,8a,a,8a,8a,a,8a,8c6,8f.,16g,2a,8a-,8a-,8a-.,16a-,8a-,8a,8a.,16a,8a,8g,8g,8a,g,c6"

alarm sound
 curl ",5:d=4,o=5,b=160:2g,2c6,2g,2c6,2g,2c6,2g,2c6"
 curl ",5:d=4,o=5,b=160:8d6,16p,2d6,16p,8d6,16p,2d6,16p,8d6,16p,2d6"

Update 20221208 – removed internals

Removed my old hack and replaced it with a Wemos D1.
Added a LED
Next to do .. add a amplifier using a LM356/358