Wacom tablet doesn’t behave

Last Updated or created 2022-05-20

Changed some code controlling my wacom drawing tablet.
I use this one to draw Art, diagrams and touch up photo’s.

When using multiple screens, i had the problem it would stretch the draw area over multiple screens, streching the ratio. Or it took the work screen to work on.

# using xinput here, check post about two mouses/keyboards on one machine

# Use xrandr to check names check 
PAD_NAME='Wacom BambooFun 6x8 Pad pad'

xsetwacom --set "$PAD_NAME" Button 1 "key +ctrl +z -z -ctrl" 
xsetwacom --set "$PAD_NAME" Button 2 "key e"
xsetwacom --set "$PAD_NAME" Button 3 "key h"

ID_STYLUS=`xinput | grep "Pen stylus" | cut -f 2 | cut -c 4-5`
xinput map-to-output $ID_STYLUS $MONITOR
ID_STYLUS_2=`xinput | grep "Pen eraser" | cut -f 2 | cut -c 4-5`
xinput map-to-output $ID_STYLUS_2 $MONITOR

exit 0

Most of the times i use Krita and Gimp.