OldSkool Computer Cartridges/expansions/add-ons

Last Updated or created 2024-02-12

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Action Replay IIOwned since … 80s 90s?

Modded this one, as part of my modular
amiga system where i wanted to remake
every part onto 10×15 euro prints. So i could
swap things out for other boards.
Memory expansion512k .. missing in action
Go a new one in … ?
Boot selectorSwaps df0 and df1
DIY version was a wirewrap ic socket with a cross switch, now i have a Gotek buffered switching module with can be actvated with a keystroke.
(Gotek post)
Keyboard modHidden key (in the space of the stands, which triggered a extra key stroke)
Kickstart selectorA print you can insert in the ROM socket of your amiga. Had only 1.2 and 1.3.
Now there are many .. like diagnostic roms.
I made a altered 1.2 version .. which was unusable .. i f*cked it up
SID modAdded a sid parallel on the 8020 CIA chip
Gotek driver emulatorI made a arduino version to read disks. (Other post)
But this is a disk image drive emulator.
See Gotek post
Boot sector warnPiezo beeper which warned me when a boot sector was being written (virus alert)
Sound filter fixAmiga audio filter enhancer, using capacitors and resistors


Final Cartridge III
Led modMemory activation leds
KCS Power CartridgeSepp’s old cartridge?
Rom selectorDIY rom selector
Data Manager 2Can’t find anything on this one on other sites !?!?!



Reset modDIY reset mod
ROM selectorDIY ROM selector
Many cartridgesSold in 2022, kept only some useful once’s


PC speaker modSpeaker to audio jack
Seek time monitorWhen a seek took too long, LEDs would light up, time to defrag!
Covox modA pre sound card parallel to audio resistor bridge.
Only a few demo’s and games supported this mod.
VGA to scartDisplay hack
VGA to Scart hack


Monitor modDIY horizontal flip using relays
Color modGreyscale / RGB switcher


Joystick recorderrecorded movements when playing a game, so it could replay parts.
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