Mystery Cartridge C64

Last Updated or created 2022-07-17

As posted before, i found a cartridge in my collection a while ago. I don’t know where i’ve got this one from.

While searching on the internet for more information, i really couldn’t find anything about it.
Not even on collectors sites.

Where did it come from, what does it do?

It says: Data Manager 64 (1984) , Softworld and Handic.

I can find many cartridges by Handic. I’ve checked all database/filers i could find. Non looked like this.

Next to try ..
Dumping the cartridge to file. Probably by changing the way the C64 starts a autostart cartridge.
So i have to modify the cartridge port, and put a cross connection on the lines EXROM and GAME, this will change the memory addresses ($8000/$A000) where a cartridge is placed. Then the commodore will start normally, and i can dump the cartrige memory locations to a file.

So pins 8 and 9 have to be switched around.
The C64 autostarts a cartridge when it find certain data on $8000

Meanwhile i try to contact some collectors of cartridges.

I don’t think its a homebrew, but we will see.

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