Mini C64 for MCH2022

Last Updated or created 2022-10-13

Cool little C64 gadget for MCH2022

Next week i’ll be going to May Contain Hackers 2022, what to bring?
My old friend Bigred will be there, many others couldn’t make it …

What to bring and do:

  • Laptops
  • Arduino touch project?
  • My new 6502 breadboard computer?
  • The DVB-T / DAB / FM stick
  • Besides the emulators on my laptop, maybe i’ll bring this little thing
    (Or a real C64?)

Booting in 4 seconds!
Running Vice in 50 or 60 Hz
Low latency video!
Can emulate cartrides, floppy’s
When you connect joysticks or a real C64 keyboard to the GPIO pins it will use that.
SID sound using ReSid
CRT emulation
(look for BMC64 or combian)

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