6502 and Arduino (due to missing components)

Last Updated or created 2022-07-20

(Work in process, will certainly change)

Due to eeproms being scarce, i’m going to use a arduino as Rom emulator.
Below is a test setup i’m going to build.

Made the drawing in Kicad.

KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation. It facilitates the design and simulation of electronic hardware. It features an integrated environment for schematic capture, PCB layout, manufacturing file viewing, SPICE simulation, and engineering calculation.

Memory assignment:

$8000-FFFF - Rom
$4000-7FFF - Ram ?
$2000-3FFF - Multiple times the 6522 *
$0000-???? - Ram probably

* This is due to the fact i am only using Address lines: 0,1,2,3,13,14,15
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