Secretly i hate wordpress

Last Updated or created 2022-07-03

Don’t get me wrong, its a wonderful tool.

In the past i created a lot of websites. From scratch. I wanted to learn html and using databases. Sites got bigger and bigger, most of them personal interest. But there where several work and music band related websites.
Besides that my pipetunesearch pet project, which lasted 20 years. This one started as ‘how to create a php website with a database backend’

So why hating wordpress? It’s all being done for you, but i want do it yourself and learn from it.
I’ve made several sites with their own CMS. No way secure, but secure by obsurity, whereas wordpress sites a being hacked with zeroday exploits using bots. No-one WANTED, even to hack mine.

I started with SSI (server site includes), php3, cgi scripts in bash/perl/c etcetera. I loved (and still do) interactive websites, connection to a backend, reacting on user input. Sometimes while doing so, creating a thing before it was a thing.

For my webcam, which wasn’t anything more dan a video capturing card, with a simple composite little B/W camera. This camera was mounted on some big steppermotors, and held in place by a chunk of metal, machined by a friend of mine.

I learned to make streaming webcams by generating a progressive jpg being created by a cgi script. Controlling the movement was done by .. by anything which i needed to get things working. I think i where several binaries written in C and glued together with perl or bash. Pushing the little control buttons always send the user to the next page. Reloading and restarting the webcam stream.
Then i found the 402 no content header, sending this to the browser kept it from progressing to the next page.
Loads of problems to overcome, but learned a lot!

Sometimes you have to choose.
DIY or NOT. Flacky or proven to work for many, made by many.

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