Working Amiga 500

Last Updated or created 2022-04-30

Got a working amiga again. \o/ woot
Needed to replace Paula chip, cleaning and some TLC.

Chip donor

Scart cable i’ve got is one without the resistors, so my monitor isn’t detecting the signal.
Using a A520 modulator works. At least RF, don’t know why RCA/composite video isn’t working.

Even a memory expansion and second drive (5.24 inch) are working.

One of the first disks i tested

To do:

  • Fix something to get disk images from and to my pc.
  • (My old catweasel card only fits in a ISA slot which i don’t have any more)
  • I was wrong .. i’ve got a IV Catweasel .. PCI it is
  • Fix scart
  • Fix my Action Replay, which i soldered into a non working state apparently .. 🙂
  • Get a better mouse!
Catweasel IV

Disks to convert:

  • Personal text files from ages ago
  • My first seka demo
  • My oscillator drawing program
  • Other assembly source files

Got another one running today also:

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