How many vlan’s are enough?

Last Updated or created 2022-04-26

Many years ago i started segmenting my network using vlans.

In 2022 i started to reconfigure my lab and using a lot more Mikrotik switches.
So how many … is to many, because i always overdo stuff.

Well .. is 9 to many for home environments?

  • default vlan – did’t bother to configure
  • old DMZ .. to be migrated
  • DMZ – my servers live here
  • Wifi personal workstations – Mobiles and laptops .. macaddress limited
  • IOT – only arduino’s, raspberries and other hardware live here
  • Personal workstations – UTP connected workstations with less networking limitations
  • LAB – My lab environment, Ovirt virtualisation for fun and manage access to servers in dmz
  • Storage – my SFP enabled all-flash storage
  • Management – really tight restricted access to management interfaces (switches/routers/storage/ILO)

Hard to manage? All those vlan’s? .. Sure, but i learn a lot!
(Not really .. when you got the basics down, more of the same.
Hardest part? .. not cutting-off connections/switchports you are using!)

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