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Last Updated or created 2022-07-21

We love movies, and watch anything.

I’ve posted about genres:

And we are watching the whole top 250 of imdb.

Now i wanted to have a list of movies by Actor or Director.
So i could see if there are more movies i have to watch
So today i started to figure out how.

So i made a Google Sheet and scraped websites with the needed information.

  • Create a new sheet
  • Make a tab for top-dutch, actor or director
  • Do a search of things you want to display
  • A search of actor and filmography will probably work (imdb of wikipedia)
  • copy the url and make a note of which table it is, first second or more.
  • Paste in the sheet the following at A1

Where the last number (this case 1) is the number of table in the page.

Now you can color code those entries.

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