DIY 6502 – VIC (Versatile Interface Adapter)

Last Updated or created 2022-07-21

65c22 connected, new data, and address-bus ribboncables!

First led on Register B blinking!

Temporary display wil be 2×16 Chars.
Ram in place, but not connected (is emulated by the Arduino Mega at the moment)
Rom is somewhere halfway the atlantic ocean .. still waiting on that one.
Ben Eatons clock module is disconnected, i’m using the Arduino as programmable clock right now.
(There wil be a little display and a rotary encoder to set clock speed.)

lda #$ff ; all bits
sta $6002 ; set direction (out) for B register
lda #$80 ; set 1 bit
sta $6000 ; set register B
lda #$00 ; reset bit
sta $6000 ; set register B
jmp $8005 ; jmp to bit set part
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