Wire wrap

Last Updated or created 2022-08-12

The lost ancient art of wire wrapping.

{funny story]
In 2019 i wanted to make a simple probe, which could detect 0 or 1 or a pulse. I wanted to make this on a little print using wirewrap wires and IC sockets. (I still have the tool which i used in the 90s.)
When going to a well-known electronics shop in Den Hague. A great shop to get all kinds of oldskool electronics. But i’m getting ahead of the story.
This shop has a lot of components for all kinds of electronics. New and what it looked like de-soldered component from boards or bought from old going-out-of-business shops or factories. Stuff you needed for 60s equipment.
Well i was at the counter, asking a old guy.
“Do you have wire-wrap wire”
He said: ” No that’s old skool” ….
{/funny story]

The wirewrap tool has a cable stripper. After stripping you would put a short part in the tool, place the tool over a IC pin and turning would wrap the wire on the pins.
You could stack multiple connections on one pin.
Removing could be done by turning the tool counterclockwise.
Sometimes you had to remove the one closest to the print, replacing all wires. (Or cut the wrong/not needed wire and leave it in place … )

I’m thinking of moving my breadboard 6502 to a wirewrapped version.
All my old boards are gone .. before i got a digital camera .. 🙁

Example from a 8031 setup of a friend of mine

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