Scavenging parts and schematics

Last Updated or created 2022-09-20

Searching for parts .. from other projects

I want to make a new clock module using a bare ATmega328 running on a 16mhz crystal. This to provide a clock for my 6502 computer.

Using a display and a rotary encoder I want to create a clock module which generates a 50/50 duty cycle clock 1Hz – 1 MHz.

Input module for my 6502 will be 5 buttons. (For now) that’s what’s left on the VIA on port A. (Rest is used by the display). The display i’m going to place directly on the bus. But I already ordered a second VIA.  Matrix keyboard will be next. Then I will use the buttons in the picture for shift/alternate buttons. Because I’ll need about 25 keys. (See other posts) . I’ll probably end up making that one myself.