Programming languages

Last Updated or created 2022-08-29

I’ve used a lot of programming languages, and besides that a few scripting languages.

Scripting is used to automate stuff, but probably use other tools under the hood. A programming language can probably do this by itself. Most of the time a programming language needs compiling into a executable form. Whereas a script is directly intepreted at runtime.

I’m not good at programming, but i understand the syntax and can read most of it.
My programming is mostly by example/copy-paste.
Below a list of programming languages and a table below that some scripting languages.

Sooo .. what do i like, still use and why?

Bash is my swiss army knife.
Making Web stuff? – PHP
Iot – C and Javascript
Advanced programming/Longer programs or Machine Learning – Python

And because of recent projects … i have to mention 6502 machinecode!

Programming languages i’ve used

BasicThe first programming language i learned. There are many dialects for many different systems.
PascalI learned to program in school.
Generic pascal and later Turbo Pascal
PLM/86This is relatively unknown programming language. Written for intel processors. It used a lot of ms-dos subroutines. Like dsso which stands for dos-standard-string-out.
dsso(@(‘Print this text’,eos));
And called a dos routine like below
(assembly example)
mov dx,(messageaddress)
mov ah,09h
int 21h
AssemblyStarted with 6502 assemby on my little home computer (a vic-20).
After that i learned to program 8085 assembly in school.
Also learned a little Z80 programming.
When i got a amiga i started with 68000 assembly.
And getting the hang of it, some friends and me started programming 80×86.
CFor a project I needed C programming to control a parallel port, for example for my controllable webcam.
Also recently the microcontrollers like the Arduino’s are programmed in C/C++
PerlPerl was also a interesting language, i bought myself a book and started with the examples.
One of my friends was a Perl wizard, but i could never get the hang of it. Even with his help.
Tcl/TKTCL stands for Tool Command Language, i used the TK extension. So Tcl/TK i used for creating GUI tools in linux. But like what i later used zenity and yad, i think these are more scripting languages.
PHPPHP i used extensively, one of my first big projects was a tunesearch engine with a mysql database.
PythonThe last years i’ve been using python more and more. Python has become the de facto standard for IT.
HaskellWell .. it is a programming language but i only use it to configure my Xmonad desktop.
JavascriptI’ve made a lot of webbased nonsence. PHP/CGI scripts/flash but i also used javascript.
Now i’m primarily using javascript for NodeRed

Scripting languages i’ve used

batDos batch files is a kind of scripting language
KshKorn Shell, i did a workshop ksh because i was a AIX admin.
Didn’t use this much, because you could install the linux toolkit, and could use bash after that.
BashI write a lot of things in bash, this is my preferred tool for fast and easy automation.
When it’s web based i use PHP
LuaI had to write some plugins for my Flightsim Setup

What about Sql, Dbase, Sed, Puredata and blocky those are all on the Programming Lanuages page of Wikipedia???
Well those i find more of a application markup language.
Then you can say abc-music and bmw (bagpipe music writer) are languages also!??

Some call Ansible a programming language, but this is incorrect. It is driven by python scripts and yaml config files.

Below some code part examples of different CPU assembly code

    MOV AX,cry
    MOV BX,(2*40)
    MUL BX
    ADD DI,(2*31)
    MOV SI,adr1
    SUB SI,8       
    MOV CX,8

    LD H,00H
    LD B,01H
    LD A,(IX+00)
    OUT (01H),A
    LD A,(IY+00)
    OUT (02H),A
    LD B,01H
    LD A,(IX+07)
    OUT (01H),A
    LD A,(IY+07)
    OUT (02H),A

    LDA 2050
    MOV H, A
    LDA 2051
    ADD H
    MOV L, A
    MVI A 00
    ADC A
    MOV H, A
    SHLD 3050

    bsr send
    bsr delay2
    move.w #$38,d0
    bsr send
    bsr delay2
    move.w #$38,d0
    bsr send
    bsr delay2
    move.w #$01,d0
    bsr send
    bsr delay2
    move.w #$0c,d0
    bsr send
    move.w #$06,d0
    bsr send

    mov bx,split
    and bx,1111111111b
    mov dx,3d4h
    mov al,18h
    mov ah,bl
    out dx,ax
    mov bl,bh
    xor bh,bh
    shl bx,1
    mov bx,[bx+offset ormsk]
    mov al,9
    out dx,al
    inc dx
    in al,dx
    and al,10111111b

For assembly i use or used below:
vasm – vasm is a portable and retargetable assembler – which can be used for a lot of different CPUs
masm – a assembler for 80×86, i used this for programming on DOS machines. Also for little projects i used the alway available debug executable.
seka/masterseka – programming 68000 on my amiga

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