Last Updated or created 2022-09-01

Still hot outside, and i like coffee. So what about some coffee icecream!


  • 200ml Milk (whole)
  • 3 spoons coffee
  • 90gr sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 425ml liquid cream

Place a fine meshed strainer over a container. Put the coffee in the seive. Heat the milk (allmost boiling) and pour it over the coffee. Let it cool.
Dissolve the sugar in 150ml water. Bring to the boil for a few minutes.
Let this also cool for a few minutes.
Pour the sugarliquid to the container holding the eggyolks. Add the liquid cream and the coffee-milk solution.
Cool in the refrigerator and put into your icecream maker. Thats all.

Icemaker is a Cucina – HR2305

Used this ice maker for many years, a lot of different icecreams we made!

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