Android tips

Last Updated or created 2022-09-17

Using hotspot?
Want to see which devices are connected?

Another JuiceSSH tip .. connection type mosh, will open a ssh session using udp to your server.
( If you got mosh installed on your server )
A disconnect or bad connections will not break your ssh session, it just resumes.
Even when you are changing from network, and have a different IP.

Your android as Webcam (in OBS)

Install scrcpy on your linux machine, and opencamera on your android.
If you got adb installed plug in your android and start scrcpy.
You should be seening your android screen on your linux workstation.
When you openup the stock version of your camera you get a overlay of the gui, which you probably can’t disable/remove. There where’s opencamera comes in.

Settings > On screen GUI > Immersive Mode and select Hide everything
You probably want to set the aspect ratio to 19.5:9 so the whole screen will be used.

There is a lot more you can do with scrcpy !