Acdsee quick negative converting

Last Updated or created 2022-11-15

Using a setup like this, i could digitize these negatives quite quickly.
But they’re are all beige. (And negative ofcourse)
I made a tutorial for people who need to digitize and convert non-raw black-white, color negatives, and negatives on these kind of beige film using windows.

I’m using a D7100 Nikon with a 70mm lens. The lightbox is a Haiser Slimlite Plano.

Setup your camera, focus one time, and put it on manual.
Cut from a piece of black paper a frame in which you keep the negatives.
(Taking a picture without, can result in weird inconsistent lighting, and will have effect on auto-leveling in Acdsee)

Take the pictures and move them to your machine.

Openup acdsee, select a picture and press CTRL-E

Crop and rotate first, else it wil have a effect on leveling!

Next press White Balance and select auto

After that press Special Effect and Negative

Still not okay

Next press Auto Levels .. and presto (Move the slider to your liking ..)
Note! .. changing the order of Cropping, White Balance, Effect and Auto Levels will affect the result!

This is probably all scriptable in Linux, but this is a Windows howto.

For conversions on linux i use Freds ImageMagick scripts:
( )
autolevel autowhite neg2pos negative2positive and autotone

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