Homewizard Watermeter

Last Updated or created 2022-09-21

Today i got my watermeter in.

It’s a little device you can place on your watermeter.

You get a plastic clip/holder which you can use to place the device on your watermeter. You can easily remove the device to read the values.

The device measures the little round gauge, so it has no idea what the current values are. Add the current values of your meter to the output of the device.

The device works by measuring the rotation of the red part.

By default it sends the information over the internet to a server. Your phone connects to this server and the app wil give you the graphs.

If you want your own intergration, you have to enable “local api”
See image on the right.
When you want realtime data, you have to connect a usb-c power supply.
When using batteries, the device wil only connect to wifi once per 5 minutes, and you can’t use the API.

I wrote a little test script in bash to draw graphs using mqtt and Nodered.

data=$(curl -s
totalwater=$(echo $data | cut -f9 -d\" | tr -d ':,')
currentwater=$(echo $data | cut -f11 -d\" | tr -d ':,}')
totalwater=$( echo $totalwater + $calib | bc)
mosquitto_pub -h -m "$totalwater" -t watermeter/total
mosquitto_pub -h -m "$currentwater" -t watermeter/current

Variable calib is what my watermeter was when i attached the device.
It wil add this to the newly measured values.

Home Assistant found the device using autodiscovery

I have to look into adjusting for offset in HA