Shelly Flood Sensor

Last Updated or created 2022-10-19

I’ve had this Shelly sensor for a long time. But never posted anything about this.
Last weekend we had a -situation- in our kitchen, so what better time to test this device again!

This little disc shaped device has three metal points on its bottom side, those are the flood (water) sensors.
It stay’s in sleep mode when all’s good.
It does several things when it detects water.

  • Emits a alarm signal
  • Wakes-up wifi
    • Sends a MQTT message (when not connected to the cloud like i have)
      MQTT is a alarm message AND it wil send the temperature of the device!
  • After a while (when dry) goes back to sleep

There are connection point on the print you can use .. happy hacking!

My node-red configuration

Above is the part where the mqtt messages gets processed by Node-Red
Sending it to PushOver and my little MqttLcdNotifier

Above is the MqttLcdNotifer .. there are several parts to this

  • Top line is from shelly flood and other notifications
  • Text input puts text from the NR GUI on my TV and the LCDDisplay
    • same parts are being used by my 3D printer when the print tool is getting TO hot, or printing is finished
  • Trigger at work WAS a notification for work .. nonfunc
  • mqttlcd-button is the mqtt message send from the display (the one that i was pushing) to stop the beeping and clears the display
  • Bash notify, is as previously posted a flow which i can control from my linux machines notify “compiling complete” for example.
    This is also being broadcast from my livingroom using speakers.
    (See separate post about this)

Wellll, put this in place 2 years ago, never looked at it again .. still works

Volume is low, due to alarm sounds 🙂
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