Converting png images to composite pixels (6502)

Last Updated or created 2023-05-22

Using searle’s design, i can draw pixels using composite video out.

Converting b/w png to hex include files, for usage in vasm I did the following.

#Python script to convert black levels to pixels
from PIL import Image
i ="fash.png")

pixels = i.load() # this is not a list, nor is it list()'able
width, height = i.size

all_pixels = []
for x in range(width):
    for y in range(height):
        cpixel = pixels[x, y]
        if cpixel[1] == 255:
            s = '\t.db 0x05,' + hex(int(x)) + ',' + hex(int(y))
            print (s)

Running and output example

python3 > out

head out
	.db 0x05,0x1,0x16
	.db 0x05,0x1,0x18
	.db 0x05,0x1,0x19
	.db 0x05,0x2,0x7
	.db 0x05,0x2,0x8
	.db 0x05,0x2,0xc
	.db 0x05,0x2,0xd
	.db 0x05,0x2,0x17
	.db 0x05,0x3,0x5

Control codes and vasm include

01 (01) - Cursor home (Standard ASCII)
04 (04) - Cursor solid
05 (05) - Set graphics pixel (next two bytes = x,y) 
0C (12) - Clear screen (Standard ASCII)
0D (13) - Carriage return (Standard ASCII)
0E (14) - Set column 0 to 79 (2nd byte is the column number) or 0 to 39 for a 40 char line
0F (16) - Set row 0 to 24 (2nd byte is the row number)
1B (27) - ESC - reserved for ANSI sequences

vasm include part:

	.db 0x01,0x0c   ; home and clear
	.db 0x1b,0x2d   ; disable ansi translation
	include "out"   ; include hex "png"
	.db 0x00        ; end with 0 (part of message print routine)

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