Spotify control using python

Last Updated or created 2023-06-08

For usage in this project:

Goto and add a APP

Write down the Client_id Client_secret and Redirect URL (callback)

Create a bash and python script

export SPOTIPY_CLIENT_ID=2f660e11e70743febdxxxxxxxxxxxxx
export SPOTIPY_CLIENT_SECRET=b0741452a4fe43xxxxxxxxxxxxx
export SPOTIPY_REDIRECT_URI="http://localhost:8080/callback"

python3 $1

import spotipy
from spotipy.oauth2 import SpotifyOAuth
from pprint import pprint
from time import sleep
import spotipy.util as util
import sys

username = "username"
scope = "user-read-playback-state,user-modify-playback-state,playlist-read-private"

sp = spotipy.Spotify(client_credentials_manager=SpotifyOAuth(scope=scope))

# Shows playing devices
res = sp.devices()

myurl = 'spotify:playlist:' + sys.argv[1]

# Change track
results = sp.start_playback(context_uri=myurl, offset={"position": 1})

## Change volume example

playlists = sp.user_playlists(username)

playlists = sp.current_user_playlists()
for playlist in playlists['items']:
    print(playlist['id'] + ' ' +  playlist['name'])

Run bash script as follows. 0bJvpsn0TDxxxxxxxxxxxx
(0bJvpsn0TDxxxxxxxxxxxx – is playlist ID, as example below)


python3 0bJvpsn0TDxxxxxxxxxxxx
{'devices': [{'id': 'e86eada2a91e29a396acxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
              'is_active': True,
              'is_private_session': False,
              'is_restricted': False,
              'name': 'laptop',
              'type': 'Computer',
              'volume_percent': 100},
             {'id': '8571468b6c41973ccb0axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
              'is_active': False,
              'is_private_session': False,
              'is_restricted': False,
              'name': 'DESKTOP-xxxxxxx',
              'type': 'Computer',
              'volume_percent': 76},
             {'id': '6c592503aa5a22b2fbdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
              'is_active': False,
              'is_private_session': False,
              'is_restricted': False,
              'name': 'TX-NR1030',
              'type': 'AVR',
              'volume_percent': 41}]}
0bJvpsn0TDxxxxxxxxxxxx Best Classical Music Of All Time
5aL9jeGMCAxxxxxxxxxxxx Programming music
37i9dQZEVCxxxxxxxxxxxx Discover Weekly
6pEJuA1UYJxxxxxxxxxxxx Highland/Small/Border Pipe Music
5p8Tabf5Zwxxxxxxxxxxxx Folk Instrumentals ( Celtic, Irish, Nordic, ... )
1oy8Ek4ddBxxxxxxxxxxxx Lounge
37i9dQZF1Dxxxxxxxxxxxx Irish Folk
etc etc
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