Transform photos using gimp

Last Updated or created 2023-06-20

Just back from my 3 week trip to Italy.
Made 5000-odd photos.
Using my posted scripts they are easily sorted.

But some are crooked, lets fix them.

Not a straight horizon:

Lets open this photo in Gimp

Easy to fix:

  • Open in Gimp
  • Go to measure tool
  • Orientation – auto and transform layer
  • Select the horizon on the left (do not release the mouse button) and draw to the right
  • Press straighten

Easy ..

Another fix below : Perspective

Sometimes you want to look straight at a picture, but when taking a picture there is something preventing this.

  • Other tourists won’t move away from a information sign, so you have to take the picture from an angle.
  • The image is far up a wall.
  • Or as in example below, the Roman mosaic is on the floor, no way to take a picture from above.

  • Open in gimp
  • Select from tools > Transform Tools
  • Handle transform or press SHIFT-L
  • Select a corner and drag, repeat until satisfied
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