A vacation in numbers and about taking pictures

Last Updated or created 2023-08-19

Italy 2023

Pictures : 2633 mobile + 2425 dslr
Movies : 52

Highest point: 1214m (Vesuvius)
Lowest: -40m

Pizza’s eaten:
Too many ( sometimes 2 times a day), it was hard to get something else to eat besides Pizza and Pasta.

Oldest building : 500BC

Km walked: 220Km
Km driven: ? (calculating) Will update when i post something about unwritten traffic rules in Italy.

Types of transport: Plane, train, metro/subway, bus, scooter, bike, car, walking

Temperature high: 32
Temperature low: 16

About the photos .. it finally happened.
More mobile photos where taken than with our trusty Nikon!
(Read our New Zealand post, why trusty .. rain damage on both Mobile and Nikon D750)

Some data about longer trips since 2010

This has multiple reasons:

  • Coline took loads of mobile phone pictures.
    (I was mostly in charge of the Nikon)
    She is trigger happy ..
  • We didn’t take the big camera always with us at night, going for dinner.
  • Sometimes it was too hot for me to focus on taking good pictures.
  • I didn’t make panoramic and time-lapse photos.

Why still use dlsr?

  • Better sensors (larger image chip) Small image ICs give more cross noise due to the image pixelsensors being to close to each other)
    So more pixels does NOT equal better images!
  • More control over your settings.
  • Better lenses and faster. Better aperture equals better DOF!!
    (Depth of field)

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