6502 and Wozmon

Last Updated or created 2023-06-24

Ben posted a youtube about Wozmon running on his 6502.

In 1976, Steve Wozniac wrote what’s commonly known simply as Wozmon.

Wozmon is a machine-code monitor program written by Wozniak for the Apple 1. In Only 256 bytes ! Being pure 6502 code easily adaptable.
A monitor program allows you to view/edit and run machine code using simple commands.

I’ve got a different setup as Ben’s computer.
But changing the necessary, and it will run on my 6502.

I’m not using rs232 voltage levels (-7 till -25 and +7 till +25 volts).
I’m using a usb serial uart standard 5v leveling stick …

For address decoder see other post

Simplified schematic of my UART/ACIA

Compiling the Wosmon gave me an error, DEC is not a valid opcode for a bare 6502 .. but we have a 65c02.
Solution: Add -c02 extra opcodes

error 1 in line 187 of "wozmon.s": illegal operand types
>                DEC                    ; Decrement A.

# fix .. add -c02
vasm6502_oldstyle -c02 -Fbin -dotdir wozmon.s

Below Apple I Manual with the sourcecode for Wozmon

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