Debugging a cool robot

Last Updated or created 2023-08-16

A friend bought a mini robot for his son.
But it didn’t work as it should.

No way i let this opportunity pass to play with it!

This is the one:
Maqueen Plus V2 – Geavanceerde STEM Educatie Robot voor micro:bit

So you can program this in a blockly like manner.

Problems we encountered:

  • Uploading didn’t work
    Solution: Using chrome it had access to the usb port to upload, firefox didn’t work
  • The program didn’t compile, faulty or zero size hex file.
    Solution: Wrong Maqueen library was in the examples
    (After changing, needed version update also, see below)
  • Not everything is in Dutch (I like English, but this is for the boy), maqueen V2 needed a lot of translation.
    (So we joined to help translating the libraries)

Apparently my AI camera can be connected to this robot!

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