Upgraded my mattermost server 4 days ago.

Last Updated or created 2023-07-01

If you are a old friend/colleage/whatever .. give me a ping to get you connected.

I’ve been using IRC a long time, we even had our own interconnected servers with our group ICE.
Lipperkerk, GMC and Pixnet.
Overkill I know, but we could so we did.

Last few years i’ve been using Mattermost. After testing many alternatives.

  • Whatsapp – not own hosted, hate it, and was not allowed for work.
  • Zulip – tested this for a long time
  • IRC at work, implemented this at 2 places i’ve worked. Once using a web gui.
  • A ajax chat server
  • ??
  • ??

After installing this in my Lab, a few colleages from work used it. After that the whole department and more.
Running for more than a year, it was time got get this running on the servers at work.
I’ve reinstalled a server for my friends.

Last update gave me a nice insights desktop. Quiet days in june.

I love the webhooks and plugins.

In the past i’ve implemented a whatsapp to mattermost bridge, i will post about this .. sometime.

Below a implementation using a arduino and a 3D printed flag.

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