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UPDATE 20230702 20230703 20230714

While working on a Lidar project, my mouser components came in.

Now I have to find a IO address decoder schematic I made a while ago.

This ISA board is going to have a Wirewrapped setup. There is a 8255 IO chip, and uses 3x 74138 for IO address decoding, OR i will use a setup i’ve made for my 6502 using an atf22v10.

What to controll using this 8255? First some Leds, later a LCD display.

Below the 3 mentioned IC’s

The 8255 is a chip like the 6522 used in my DIY 6502 elsewhere on my site.

Overview of comparable IO chips. ( Not interchangeable due to bus timing!)
Most of them have 8 data lines and 2x 8 IO bi-directional lines.

65226502 based machines
82558088/8068 based machines
Z84C2008Z80 (called PIO)
81558085 / 8088
852068000 amiga

6821 example

UPDATE 20230702

Started wirewrapping, luckily i’ve got a big choice of colors. That makes finding the right signals a breeze.

UPDATE 20230703

Found my schematic

Above uses 3 74138 decoders, address can be “programmed” using jumpers (not used on my prototype board) . Address 0400h in above example.

A15 – 0
A14,13,12 – decodes to OUT-0
A11 – 0
A10,9,8 – decodes to OUT-4
A7 – 0
A6,5,4 – decodes to OUT-0
A3 and A2 are not used (see note)
A1 and A0 are register select on the 8255

Address 0000,0100,0000,xxrr
xx can be a 0 or 1
the 8255 can be controlled using
0400h 0401h 0402h
but also
0404h 0405h 0406h
0408h 0409h ….
040Ch ……

UPDATE 20230714 – Alternative address decode test with ATF22V10

UPDATE 20230803


Miswired second 74138.
Tested with below code

mov dx,503h # control register
mov al,80h # output port a,b,c as standard IO/output
out dx,al # 16 bit IO mapped IO out
mov dx,500h # data register
mov al,0  # 0/ff all on/all off
out dx,al

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