433mhz sensors and Home Assistant

Last Updated or created 2023-07-19

I’ve got a lot of wifi sensors in my home automation.
But also the ones i’ve started with.
The 433mhz temperature,pir and doorsensors.

These are all connected to Domoticz via a rfxcom gateway.

I’ve previously posted about previous setups.

The setup i’ve ended up with is this:

Under hardware in domoticz install the mqtt broker.
Configure your mqtt server (mine is mosquitto)
Add devices to floorplans to send these to Mosquitto

Now i can see the topics in MQTTExplorer

Install the home assistant websocket palette in NodeRed

Configure the nodes like above

These are some example flows (I’ll put the function code below)

Above are the NAMED entities in Home Assistant


//Code for NR temperature filtering on domoticz IDX
//A door censor uses nvalue instead of svalue1
//Humidity can be svalue2
//Check the Mqtt payload in MQTTExplorer which to use!
var varidx = msg.payload.idx;
var varnvalue = msg.payload.svalue1;
if(varidx == 3108)
msg.payload = {};
msg.payload = varnvalue;
return msg;

Example of the trigger node.
When a temperature sensor battery dies, and no new data arrives- in 1 hour, I get a pushover warning. (use pushbullet/email/TV notification whatever you want)

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