Mikrotik day (dhcp and thedude)

Last Updated or created 2024-01-09

Moving dhcp from isc-dhcp-server to Mikrotik.
And playing with theDude and speedtesting.

I got an old linux gateway which only runs a dhcp server.
Time to move this to a Mikrotik router.

The config on this isc-dhcp-server is huge!
So i was planning to migrate some one by one by hand.
Maybe writing a script to do this automatically later on.

I’ve got loads of static configured hosts, so I change these

  • Change static entry in dhcp to a deny booting entry
  • Add a static lease to the Mikrotik
  • Restart dhcp service

Example host

#                # kodiserver
#                host kodi.example.com {
#                fixed-address;
#                hardware ethernet ae:ae:ae:ae:ae:ea;
#                }

host movekodito4011 {
   hardware ethernet ae:ae:ae:ae:ae:ea;
   deny booting;

Mikrotik config (static single entry config)
See other post about dhcp config

/ip dhcp-server lease
add address= mac-address=EA:EA:EA:EA:EA:EA:EA

The Dude

The dude is a cool tool which connects to your MT and generates all kinds of cool info.
I was trying to get the frequency spectral scan working.
But it generates a nice network map also.

Easy to install under linux

  • Install wine
  • Download thedude from the MT website
  • start “wine dude_install.exe”
  • cd ” /home/$USER/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Dude”
  • wine dude.exe

While moving a lot from my gateway to Mikrotik, I still have to come up with a plan to migrate my netboot.xyz PXE server to TFTP/ipxe using a migrated dhcpd server.
I probably end up using a separate dhcp instance which handles only the PXE requests.

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