Movie stabilisation and music suggestions

Last Updated or created 2023-10-05

Some suggestions/answers for some friends.

Movie stabilisation from action cams:

Mostly I use kdenlive, but if you have an actioncam which also records movement (pan, tilt, zoom, and rotation) use a tool like Gyroflow!
This will use the motion data to correct the movement!

I’ve tried Davinci Resolve also. But I’m not sure which i’ve used for below movies.

Using blender :

Me flying a Cessna 172
Arja on the Death Road in Bolivia (8x speed and stabilzed)

If you want even an easier way, upload to YT, stabilise and download you movie. 🙂

Something else, what music to listen to? Any suggestions?

I had to name some (most by heart), I will edit/alter this list.
The folk/pipes artists will be in a next post.

Heavier stuff:
The prodigy, nightwish, in extremo, tanzwut, after forever, faun, gathering, therion, withintemptation

Trolska polska, dervish, gaelic storm, lunasa, michael mcgoldrick, peatbog faeries, beoga

Jazzy folk
Borne and mcleod, Bees Knees (Hamish moore and dick lee)

Film music
Akira, Vangelis (bladerunner), Kill Bill music (all kinds of sources)

Junky-xl, Trentemoller, Alt-j, Avcii

Einaudi, ennio morricone, Paganini,Rondò Veneziano

Easy listening
Aereda, Andreas Vollenweider,Anuna, Clannad, Dead can danve, enya, Era, Lais, kitaro, Moya Brennan,omnia

BB King

Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Buddha bar, Buena Vista Social Club, Cafe del mar, Mark Knopfler, Easy Alohas

Kensington, Imagine Dragons, 77 bombay street, Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, Of monsters and men,

Scottish Rock

Find other music/genre’s

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