Bookstack – A new (for me) way do document stuff.

Last Updated or created 2023-10-09

I’m always looking for new better ways to document stuff.

I’ve tested a lot, some things i’ve used personally for years.
Same or other tools I implemented also at Customers.

Everybody starts off with text files.
Then I used Hyper when I was using MS-Dos.

Many wiki’s came, and went.

  • Twiki – Work
  • Foswiki – Work, Highland Valley Pipeband, personal
  • Docuwiki
  • MediaWiki (pipetunesearch) and more

I tried to document in wordpress, but that’s not suitable.

I still got stuff in Nextcloud, Google Drive and Joplin. These are only for fast access to unstructured information.

I don’t like Wysiwig that much, also I like to use OpenSource and Open standards.

So discovering a knowledge base engine like Bookstack is always nice.

I installed a docker version in my Lab to experiment with.

So far so good.
Markup Language, and export to PDF, Markup, Html and Contained webfile.

I’ve changed the docker-compose.yml because I’ve got my dedicated Database server for that:

version: "2"
    container_name: bookstack
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - APP_URL=
      - DB_PORT=3306
      - DB_USER=bookstackuser
      - DB_PASS=bookstackpassword
      - DB_DATABASE=bookstackapp
      - ./bookstack_app_data:/config
      - 6875:80
    restart: unless-stopped
      - ./bookstack_db_data:/config
    restart: unless-stopped

While playing with this I forgot my credentials .. duh

Using portainer terminal access to the docker to add a new admin user

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