OpenPLC editor with Raspberry and Arduino

Last Updated or created 2023-10-15

Here I’m going to post my tests with OpenPLC.

UPDATE 20231012 202301015

It’s a long time i’ve made a PLC ladder, but lets see how and what this integration brings me.

OpenPLC interface on a Raspberry, I could not start a program on RPI 5!
But it compiled correctly. See below rpi3
Schematic with a led and two buttons (and one floating in the middel, which i forgot to remove)
Working example ( wemos and display are from another project those are not connected )

UPDATE 20231015 – Raspberry 3 with OpenPLC

GND to leds and buttons
GPIO2 (pin 3) to a button
GPIO3 (pin 5) to another button
GPIO14 (pin 8) to the led

Now OpenPLC works correct (RPI3)
cd OpenPLC_v3
./ rpi 

## Warning .. takes a really long time

Wiringpi is deprecated
But can be installed using the last git repo

git clone
cd WiringPi

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