Folk instruments (other)

Last Updated or created 2024-02-22

I know/play and like Irish/Scottish/Celtic music.

Whenever I come across a musical instrument I want to try it.

But here are some others I like

Guzheng (Instrument)

Altai – Bai Terek (Band) – Throatsinging and Tovshuur instrument

Alexei Arkhipovskiy – Balalaika

Ney Flute (Egyptian)

Kyiv Ethno Trio – Overtone Flute (no fingerholes)

Largest flute (at the end)

Also cool (Flute with “drone”)


Jaw Harp (I’ve got one, but i’m not good at it)
also known as : Jew’s harp, mouth harp, Ozark harp, juice harp, murchunga, guimbarde, mungiga, vargan, trompe

Not an ancient instrument, but cool nevertheless.
I play Misirlou on BorderPipes using accidentals, I’ll upload this soon.

Found a crappy recording of Misirlou on my Borderpipes.
C-sharp, B-flat, F-Natural and G-sharp as accidentals.
Hard to play on Great Highland Bagpipe without using a lot of tape. 🙂

Something I want to make myself : A talharpa.

A sausage fagott 🙂

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