Three channel mixer for ay-3-8910 is almost done.

Last Updated or created 2024-02-29

At the back the 8 pin single channel lm368 amplifier.
At the front the 3 channel setup.
I still have to tweak the resistors, and potmeters.
Then I can make a permanent PCB, and figure out the connections to the 6502.

At the moment, the Arduino Nano is playing some real sound samples by using the registers of the sound chip.
The music is being played by sending the register dumps directly to the chip.

Much like i’ve been using SID register dumps to play songs in another project.

This is version 0.1 .. do not use.
If its wrong, or can do better please mail me.
Oh it needs a 1k resistor from the 20K’s to ground I think.

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