Watching Movies – Noticing Rik Mayall

Last Updated or created 2024-02-25

I’m a big fan of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson.

(Bottom, Dangerous (Danger) Brothers, Young Ones, Black Adder etc)

I love the live shows, I’ve mentioned that before.

Today we were watching a movie, just one in our collection.
It was American Werewolf in London.
I knew there were some great practical effects in there.
(All pre CGI)

Then I saw a face a few seconds. Damn could it be Rik?

Yes it is ..

But I know he did several movies

  • Drop dead fred
  • Guest House Paradiso
  • Harry Potter

Welllllll, I more identify with Ade.

Bald, mostly interested in being drunk, and playing in a folkband. 🙂

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